General questions

How can I delete a poll?
If you created the poll, you can delete it by clicking the red "delete" button. You can only delete your poll when nobody has voted.
How can I delete user-defined answers?
Deleting user-defined answers is not allowed, because it is against our opinion towards freedom of speech. Please think twice when you create your poll whether the "user-defined answers" feature should be allowed or not.
What's the difference between a private and a public poll?
Public polls appear on the discover page and are visible for everyone, including search engines. Private polls are hidden, thus they don't appear on the discover page and only people that have the link to your poll will be able to vote.
What are one-time codes?
One-time codes are made for polls where it is very important that only specific persons can vote and that they can vote only one time. We will generate codes that are unique which are sent to your email address. You have to send these codes to all persons you would like to vote, so that they can use them. This guarantees 100% accuracy.


I found a bug, where can I report it?
Contact our support: "[email protected]".
Try to explain precisely what is the bug and send a link/screenshot to the page.